Hello lovely,


   My name is Michelle and I am a dreamer,  explorer, an adventurer & the founder of Creative light based out of sunny ( and awkwardly cold at times ) Los Angeles, California.  Let me tell you a little about myself and the true essence & core values Behind Creative light ....

  I do not limit myself on what I do. I am open minded and will take on any challenge that comes my way with excitement, an open heart and a chocolate bar in my right hand. I want to be able to open your mind and understand your visions, thoughts & magical design dreams  and be able to bring them to life and create them right in front of you.

   The purpose of Creative light is to not only allow me to create for you but to find the creative light within yourself. I want to be able  to create a friendship with you, where we can work side by side and put your ideas and visions into the creative process. ( and possibly have a glass or two  of Chardonnay and take some silly photos together ) and if you simply want to leave the design process to me, no worries at all but we will still be getting that glass of Chardonnay Together  ( or green juice if thats what you are working with ) .

Creative Light is all things creative,  from table scapes, event & wedding design , creative direction, photoshoot styling, floral design, wedding & event styling, , random photoshoots because you got a discount on that Free People dress, your hair has that perfect beach wave and we found a Bougainvillea wall behind the gas station or  driving 5 hours up North because we found the perfect poppy field to shoot in ( & who doesn't love Big Sur & Carmel )  this is what I love . this is Creative light. 


  The people closest to me say I am an old soul and am a little old school in my ways... I want to meet you in person at a deli , order some pickles and Matzo ball soup and get to know you.  You'll always hear me referencing Seinfeld episodes, having my pandora station set on either The Lumineers , 60s 70s 80s radio or a possible old Black Eyed Peas song if the mood is right. I  have snacks with me wherever I  go and I promise you even if you are not hungry you will be  eating with me at some point. I always have some pretzels in my pocket and a work kit with me that has everything in it. From Advil , to mascara , to dried up eucalyptus , to 4 different kinds of ribbon , I am always prepared with anything we may need. 

  My mom is my Best friend, hero, pain in the tush and sidekick. You will most likely see her helping me schlep different decor items or floral pieces and hassling me to drink some water. Don't worry, at the end of the day she will be your best friend too... I can promise you that.

  Honesty, compassion, loyalty, creativity and true kindness is what Creative light stands on. If you feel that you are ready to create a true friendship, open your mind to limitless creative possibilities and see your wildest and most beautiful visions come to life then you found your girl & I can not wait to meet You .